Sustainable and Digital Building SDB WEBINAR | 14 JULY 2021 Digital transformation of buildings is a key point to achieve the European climate goals, and to reach net-zero carbon buildings by 2050 the building industry needs to search for the … Read More


Christoph Merschbrock Senior lecturer at Jönköping University’s | Visiting Lecturer at Reykjavik University Christoph Merschbrock, works as senior lecturer at Jönköping University’s department of building engineering and as visiting Lecturer at Reykjavik University. He received his PhD in information systems … Read More

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Webinar | Sustainable and Digital Building (1st Part)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzLi0OKaOa4&t=5074sWebinar | Sustainable and Digital Building (2nd Part)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6KYgA8ts30


WELCOME SDB CONFERENCE | 27 & 28 OCTOBER 2022 SDB TOPICS Sustainable and Digital Building Considerable challenges are put nowadays on the improvement of the construction industry efficiency, which has been widely recognised as an industry that exhibits many problems. … Read More

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Isto é um exemplo de página. É diferente de um artigo porque fica no mesmo sítio e aparece na navegação do seu site (na maior parte dos temas). O normal é começar com uma página “Sobre mim”/”Sobre nós”, que apresenta … Read More

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